Why do you Ignore People?

If a black person asks a white person a question and they refuse to answer and just ignores them because the person asking is black, is that racism?

I think so.

So if the reverse happens, a white person asks a question and the black person refuses to answer just because the asker is white, that must be racism too. They choose to ignore the person simply because of their skin colour.

Ignoring people, whether because they're Asian, Indian, Native, a different nationality, a different sex, gay, lesbian, straight, queer or whatever... if you choose to ignore someone because of somekind of racism, sexism or bigotry then wait until it happens to you. The tables can be turned very easily.

Now there are several exceptions I can think of:

#1. Ignoring bullies / violent people.

#2. Ignoring the taunts and insults of homeless people.

Any other time that you ignore someone its rude. The question we have to ask ourselves is why do we snub or ignore these people? Is our reason valid or are we basing our decision on a bigoted stereotype?

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