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Nuru Massage in Toronto

Nuru Massage is a great way for you and your lover (whether they be husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends-with-benefits) to have a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Here is what you need to do!

#1. Go buy a bottle or jug of Nuru from one of Toronto's many sex toy shops.

#2. Buy plastic sheets for your bed. Or use an old sheet you can throw in the laundry afterwards.

#3. Turn up the HEAT a lot!

#4. Get wet and wild on your bed with your lover by smothering yourself with Nuru and having a really slippery good time.

I can't show you what that looks like on here, but I can point you to Naughty Nuru, an ebony escort agency in Toronto which specializes in Nuru. That will provide you with all the photos and videos you could want on the topic.

Nuru Massage is apparently becoming really popular in Toronto and across Canada, thanks largely to influence from Japan and Asian massage parlours here in Canada which have been offering the service for years now.

As such Nuru Massage is the latest sensation sweeping Canada - at least insofar as massage parlours go. It has reached the point where ebony and ivory massage parlours / escort agencies have followed suit. (It is important to note that escort agencies are not illegal in Canada... and the Canadian government even has licenses for "body rub" massages and similar things.)

Canada is normally not a trendsetting nation but it appears to be on the verge on a national phenomenon before the USA, Germany, Italy or Spain have caught on. Massage parlours are opening their doors for ravenous men eager for a nuru massage. (Although to be fair, when are men not eager to get wet and wild?)

A couple years ago, Canada had zero Nuru massage providors. Now there are over 20 places operating in the country just north of USA - and roughly half of them are non-Asian, showing that regardless of the source people love the stuff. Some providers offer 30 minute nuru massage sessions while others offer two hour nuru therapy treatments - it is apparently extremely lucrative, judging by the prices being charged by escort websites.

Some places are getting rave reviews for their wonderful studio atmosphere and energetic technique. But arguments persist about whether Nuru is best with 100% Japanese women... which is frankly racist nonsense.

There are variety of Toronto massage parlours that offer Nuru massage. Flirt Spa, Body Bliss, Crave Spa, etc. What is funny is that these parlours are often next to banks, health spas, pharmacies, and you've probably walked by them already without realizing what they were offering. There is also Steeles Royal Massage in Brampton.

Nuru massage is also offered by many independent escorts in their apartments or condos - running the business the same way a Dominatrix would. Some Nuru providers have small, crampt apartments while others have large spacious penthouses. So I am guessing the more expensive escorts have fancier condos.

However if you already have a lover, such topics are moot anyway. You can get freaky with your lover any time you want in the privacy of your bedroom.

And since you are having fun together, its less sexist than hiring an escort. Pleasuring each other should always be equal.

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