Ballerina Dancing

I have no other reason to post this photo of a ballerina other than the fact I find it very beautiful to watch.

3 Months without Shampoo or Conditioner

Honestly, I don't think I could go three months without using shampoo or conditioner. But this video has me very curious to try it. But I doubt I will. I would need to do more research first.

Relaxing in the Tub with my SmartPhone

One of my favourite things to do to relax is to soak is a hot bath (sometimes with bubbles!) and read the news on my smartphone or tablet.

Or fool around on Facebook.

Or play a game on my phone.

Or sometimes, like right now, write a blog post from the bath tub.

Cause lets face it, the fact I have that option is just so amazingly awesome.
In the future it would be nice to lots more things - all from the cozy location of a hot bath. Or in a sauna. Or pool. Or jacuzzi.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets we have so much more options. We can do our online banking from the bathtub. Socialize with friends on Facebook. Post silly blog posts. Order a pizza online. Hire a maid off craigslist to clean my apartment. Call my landlord to complain about the hot water (So... Yeah... It is too hot. Could you make the water hot, but not too hot? Thanks!)

In fact I am struggling to think of things that cannot be done from my bathtub thanks to technology.

Eg. Pilot a space shuttle, but to be frank that is something most of us cannot do anyway because we are not astronauts. But I can fly a flight simulator on my phone and I have NOT crashed several times now.

You can probably think of other more silly things I cannot do from my bathtub (like go fishing and catch real fish) but I can probably order a fishing pole from Amazon, hire someone to fish for me, and have the fish delivered. So I refute your theory.

I do have to be careful about not dropping my phone or getting it wet. I am quite cautious about that aspect of my relaxing baths.

Another thing I love doing is turning the shower on - so I can have a bath and a shower at the same time. I find that very relaxing as the hot water massages my legs.

It is very much about ME TIME.

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