Black Goths

If you've ever looked at gothic people you may have noticed there is quite a few white people and Asians too... I've even met a few Arab goths.

But there is almost no black goths.

And I wonder why that is?

Is it partially because goth people want to stand out whereas most black people in North America just want to fit in and be accepted as equals?

Could it be because black people just don't identify with gothic music and/or the whole dark, moody existential culture that is obsessed with death, the occult and looking d*mn sexy?

Or maybe we just don't want to wear all that black clothing, especially when its hot outside.

I dunno. Probably a combination of factors.


The Girl With The Poison Bottle Earrings said...

They exist. You just have to know where to look. (article includes links at the end)

GothKitty said...

Black goth here. We exist!

Goth Interaccial Love

Black Goths

Chi Ankoku said...

Another black goth here! I agree that we are very rare and that's really sad but we do exist. And maybe as people become more open minded, there will be more of us.

Jenni D. said...

I love the
goth culture and I've been considering letting my inner goth come out to play. Oh by the way I'm black.

Unknown said...

Another black goth here from philadelphia! i think the treand that loop around the world,mailny in philly kills the openmindedness of the people. i have maybe three black goth friends. they are really hard to find :(. maybe scared to be them! im very open.

Unknown said...

Black goth here!
I believe many people today are scared to be the real them because of the people today. youll see more of us!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the second pic, the suicide girls pic, whare did you get that? Like, the exact link. She's a perfect model for my story. And she don't look much goth. Yeah her hair is dyed a bit but a lot of people do that. Now the other two...well if that's what they're into. But, I want to know more about the second pic. Maybe I can get her to be the model on the cover of my book.

Anonymous said...
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