More Lawsuits For EA

PC GAMES - Melissa Thomas’ lawsuit in September was the first, but now, three more have come up. And two out of the three cases’ plaintiffs are using the same law firm as Melissa Thomas - KamberEdelson. KamberEdelson is the first firm to successfully file a lawsuit against Sony’s XCP rootkit software, as well as Ubisoft’s Starforce DRM system.

The two cases involving KamberEdelson both deal with EA's Mass Effect, and with the free Spore Creature Creator. Both cases are very similar to the original Spore lawsuit. Though with the Mass Effect case there is also a complaint about the activation limits.

The third case came from the law firm Girard Gibbs LLP, which concerns EA’s use of SecuROM in many of their games, including Spore. Filkenstein Thompson LLC, a law firm in the US, is also investigating EA’s use of SecuROM in its games and is requesting any information from customers who have bought games such as Mass Effect and Spore.

SecuROM has been around for awhile just in various different versions. Thought it is Version 7 that contains particularly controversial features. This version includes an online activation system, and installs UAService7.exe, which can prevent emulation software from loading and has been known to affect some software packages from loading, such as Nero

EA isn’t the only one using SecuROM version 7. Atari, Capcom, Codemasters, and Ubisoft have also used the software in its games. There’s list of games that contain SecuROM 7 over at Reclaim Your Game.

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