Caesar and Cleopatra

ENTERTAINMENT - There's a new movie about "Caesar and Cleopatra" starring Christopher Plummer and Nikki M. James in the lead roles.

Its actually a Stratford play that has been adapted as a film for the theatres, but its getting rave reviews from many sources ranging from Four to Five stars out of Five.

In addition to being an interracial love story it is also an examination of power structures in a cross-generational romance between teenage sex kitten Cleopatra and the aging lion Caesar.

Christopher Plummer, like Sean Connery, just seems to get better with age and his co-star Nikki M. James is spectacular in the role of Cleopatra.


egyptian2daMaX said...

Cleopatra wasn't black, she was Greek.
The ancient Egyptians weren't black either, they were Semitic like Libyans, Jews & Arabs.

Edi Birsan said...

Putting in black vs white is just as good as a metaphor for the clash of ethnic cultures of the day. Though there is something to be said for the comment that she was Greek. Actually I believe that the family name derived from the Greek General under Alexander The Great who took over rule of Egypt. However, several hundred years later the various intermarriages and the like may have altered the strict Greek ethnic appearances.
However, I recall seeing a PBS show on the search for Cleoppatra and they thought that they had a certain statue that was contemporary and may have been of her giving her what we call a distinctive caucasian-European look.

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