Why is the Pope so evil?

RELIGION - It doesn't take much to realize why the Pope is so evil. All you have to do is go down the Seven Deadly Sins and you will realize why.

#1. Lust - The Pope covered up the sexual abuse of deaf children in the USA. And frankly I don't like how he looks at little boys... I wouldn't leave my kids in his custody.

#2. Gluttony - He's not horribly fat, but he's not really thin either. Methinks he has been drinking too much sacramental wine.

#3. Greed - The Catholic Church is so wealthy it makes Microsoft look small. It owns stocks in a lot of the banks globally too. Nothing greedier than a banker.

#4a. Sloth - Have you ever seen Pope Benedict jog or exercise? Nope. Me neither.

#4b. Acedia (Neglect) - Millions are dying in Africa from HIV/AIDS and Pope Benedict refuses to change the Catholic Church's stance on condom use. He won't even discuss the topic.

#5. Wrath - Have you seen some of the hateful things Pope Benedict has said about Judaism and Islam? I know they're rival religions, but come'on, being a hater isn't going to earn you any friends.

#6. Envy - This one is harder to prove. He may be envious of the fact that Islam is a growing religion whereas Catholicism is actually shrinking. Hmmm...

#7. Pride and Vanity - Gold, silk and diamonds on his clothing? Those are not the trappings of a holy man. That is the garb of a man who thinks too much of himself.

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