Hodo Ali, Hodo Musa and Cici Ali - Identical Fashion Models

Above is a photo of Somali born fashion model Hodo Ali.

Which is not to be confused with Hodo Musa, below.

Or Cici Ali, further below.

Which is funny because the three of them together look like sisters. They're all practically identical because they have the typical Somali facial proportions.

Apparently Somali fashion models are a bit of a hot commodity. Doubtless there are others out there, all with the same carbon copy facial looks.

For all we know they're even related to each other. Hodo Ali and Cici Ali at least share the same last name. But Hodo Musa just bizarrely has the same first name as Hodo Ali.

Put them in the same dresses, the same makeup, they would look like triplets.

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