On the Push Ups Kick

I am on a push ups kick right now.

The beauty of push ups is the following...

They work your back muscles.

Your shoulders.

And the triceps in your arms.

They cost you nothing to do because they require no equipment.

You can do as many or as little as you want.

You can try different kinds of push ups (like finger tip push ups, or hand stand push ups against a wall, etc).

They are also good for the pecs and thus count as bust firming exercises which make your breasts more perky and younger looking. Bonus!

Unlike jogging or running you don't need a sports bra to do push ups. Or fancy shoes. Or a jogging outfit.

All you need is a clear space to exercise. You can do it barefoot or even naked in the privacy of your bedroom.

Push ups rock!

For more frugal exercises similar to push ups visit CardioTrek.ca. The site also has lots of advice about cardio exercises, healthy food, weightlifting, sports training and other topics for staying fit and eating healthy.

I find it strange that so many women (including black women) are adverse to exercising. What? You think you are going to look like a female bodybuilder just because you did a few push ups? Nonsense! Complete hokum!

I call it our feminist duty to stay fit so if the need ever arises we are in shape and able to meet the challenge.

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