ABC and JeffG come back!



Aleisha has been missing your website and we've decided as a couple to try and contact you regarding, what you've been up to, if you're okay and if there's any way we could help get your website back in working order.

Charles is the assistant editor of the Lilith eZine and he'd be happy to repost your rants, articles, etc. on the Lilith eZine. We know you've been having problems with hatemail from people against interracial relationships and the Lilith eZine gets its share of hatemail so he's used to dealing with that.

Please let us know how your renovations and everything is going. We both miss reading your work and listening to your podcasts. We believe you two were doing something important by creating a dialogue on interracial relationships, how they work and misconceptions people have on the topic.

In an effort to preserve some of your work we've gone to the Wayback Machine to try and save some of your articles and will be posting them on here temporarily. Please contact us via the Lilith eZine so we can help you guys out.

Aleisha & Charles

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