My Marriage Doesn’t Affect You


There are many times when I wondered why many people feel threatened by a white man married to a black woman. I’m speaking from a personal perspective, but there many other interracial combinations that people associate with being subversive and a threat to the fabric of our society. They claim that traditions will disappear and cultural identities will be lost.

I’ve never been a fan of fear mongering. No need to fear, what is happening is natural. You’re witnessing something that has taken place in societies for thousands of years. When two or more cultures co-mingle for a long enough period of time, multicultural and interracial marriages take place despite any deep social conflicts. Interracial dating and marriage will take place whether you approve of it or not.

Laws have been created (Miscegenation Laws Dating Back to the Late 17th Century!) and made null and void (Loving Vs. Virginia Ruling - 1967) in the face of this reality. I find it strange that people had such a strong opinion about something that really doesn’t concern them or affect them personally.

If you find couples who want to build strong relationships and families offensive simply based on their skin color then what do you stand for? Isn’t it everyone’s wish to find someone who will love them and will accept them for who they are? There’s nothing subversive or unnatural about a woman picking a man that she’ll be happy and content with.

I’m happy with my marriage and I’m not hurting you or society no matter what you may believe. I think opponents of interracial dating and marriage need to search their feelings. Do you really believe that you’re only looking out for society or your culture’s best interests? Or are you speaking from fear, ignorance, or bad blood? Some of the people that are against interracial relationships have NEVER been in one themselves!

If that’s the case, I don’t see why I have to listen to your rhetoric about the evils of dating and marrying outside my race. When it comes down to it the world won’t stop spinning if my husband and I raise children, maintain a household, and grow old together.

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