Why I went natural

The last perm I had was in January 2006. I was going to visit by boyfriend for a few days so I decided to get it relaxed. Up until then I was wearing braids or when I wasn't wearing braids, weaves, etc my hair was texturized. A day before I left to see my boyfriend I got a relaxer. About a month or two later my hair began to break off like crazy. I tried deep conditioners, shampoos & conditioners for damaged hair, that carrot hair oil, I tried whatever I could to stop the breakage and nothing seemed to work. Or they would work for only a few days .

And that is when I made up my mind to never relax my hair again. While I was growing out the perm, I went back to wearing braids and twists. My aunt is the one who does my hair for me, so every time I went to get my hair done she would cut off some of the permed hair. My mom began to perm my hair since I was in grade 3/4 and around 14 I began wearing braids so I never really learned how to properly care for my natural hair. So during this time I thought that it was time I learned. It was also then I discovered some very good sites such as Napputrality. What I found very helpful was and still is YouTube. One day I decided to do a search for natural hair and it turned up with a lot of results. I was amazed at how many people were on there talking about their natural hair journey, products they use, how-tos on hairstyles, etc. One of my favorite YouTubers is ladykpnyc She has good information and hairstyles to try. The video posted at the bottom is one of hers and if you liked that video, please go check out her channel.

I am so glad I went natural. My hair is definitely thanking me for it.

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