You're So Strong Willed


Have you ever been called “strong willed?” The phrase that in itself can be considered a compliment on the surface, but can be insulting, especially if you’re a woman. The term usually implies being unreasonable and in some cases a bitch.

Most women wear this label as if it was a badge of honor. Some women fear it because they don’t want to be seen as being less than “feminine.” I am a strong and willful. I know my own my mind and if someone is unfortunate enough to ask for my truthful opinion they’ll get it (laughter).

Let me tell you my thoughts on the term “strong willed.” Nine out of Ten times it is NOT a compliment. When I worked for my former employer I was told I was “strong willed” by my reporting supervisor during a performance review. I lost what little respect I had for the man when he used the term. I wanted to claw and scratch the man eyes out of his head. (*Note: My former supervisor was creepy. He made the skin on my skin crawl. -shivers)

Being “strong willed” is what got me through the hard times when my ex-husband was sent to prison. Being “feminine” didn’t add to much when I was left alone, jobless, and had to apply for public assistance. I realized then that had to be tough to get through life. He was remarking in subtle way that my hard nose attitude was an unattractive quality for a woman.

Being self sufficient and responsible are qualities that all functioning adults should have, so why do many men find them UNATTRACTIVE in women? For some men they find a strong women threatening. even frightening. For other men, it’s a breathe of fresh air to have woman knows her own mind and is not easily swayed by others. Needless to say that a man that doesn’t want you have your own mind and purpose isn’t worth bothering with. Too many fish in the sea I say.

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