Googling Interracial


If you put in the word “interracial” in Google, you get porn on the top and dating sites at the bottom. When you’re clicking on sites on the results page be careful. The titles seem unassuming in and of themselves but with the wrong click you’d be viewing nothing but pornography. Pornography has been prevalent on the web since it became accessible to the masses.

I’d like to state here that I’m open to adult material for ADULTS. Nothing is more natural. The problem I have is that they are presenting the material as a fetish. They spout about how black on white sex is so hot. Primarily these sites are filled with white women looking as if they like nothing better than being abused by something black and huge.

These sites reflect the attitudes of society that interracial relations are for the most part taboo. They market on peoples’ stereotypes to a tidy sum. There are no victims of course, but if someone was curious about interracial dating this is not the impression I would like them to get.

I hope in the future more sites will be created about interracial dating/marriage from an everyday perspective. The more the truth is presented the more people will share their experiences and take comfort that they are not alone. In the meantime I keep searching the web being careful of what I click on.

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