The IKEA Conflict


My husband and I went to IKEA for a bookcase. We had become regulars to the store since we bought our home. We LOVE shopping at this particular IKEA because we get a few glances but no dirty stares. We were in the storage and shelf department when another interracial couple crossed our path, a black man and a white woman. The man was smiling and agreeable until he laid eyes on my husband and I.

He doesn’t have a problem with us, does he? I thought. I glanced at him then looked away. As I moved on to another area of the department I noticed that he kept glancing over at my husband and then me. I realized that my first impression was right. He did have a problem with it! Fuckin’ hypocrite, I thought. He can’t be serious! He’s with a white women and he’s got the nerve to look at me as if I had done something wrong!

I looked at from the corner of my eye and saw a frown appear then disappear. In the man’s defense, it was apparent that he was suffering from an internal conflict. He KNEW that he shouldn’t be bothered by what he saw, but he couldn’t help himself. His girlfriend/wife was making comments about the sizes of shelves and different tables that she liked, but he wasn’t paying attention to her.

After a couple of minutes he starts to pretend that my twin and I weren’t there. He starts to looking around everywhere except at my husband and I. Considering the circumstances there’s nothing he could have done. It was obvious that he was agitated and in a hurry to leave the department, but his girlfriend/wife seemed completely oblivious to his discomfort.

After we lost sight of them my husband shook his head. I wanted to bite and scratch something. I couldn’t believe that he could so prejudicial (YES I THINK BLACKS CAN BE RACIST,PREJUDICED,AND BIGOTED!). I learned that day that he probably isn’t the only black man who has a problem with black women dating outside their race, all the while dating and marrying white women himself. Personally, I don’t think that most of these men give any thought to a black woman doing the same until confronted with it, and when they are confronted the bigot in them comes out to rear it’s ugly head.

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